Physical therapy enhancing mobility and independence

Physical therapies are treatments, exercises and activities that help improve movement. Physical therapy can benefit older people, people with disabilities and people with chronic conditions. Physical therapies can also assist people who are recovering from an injury or illness.

These types of therapies also offer benefits to people who are less active than they used to be, and who are highly sedentary. In this article we delve deeper into the benefits of and options for physical therapies.

Understanding mobility and strength

Physical therapy can benefit people of all ages, but especially as people age. During the aging process, muscle mass can decline and strength is lost. The body mechanics change and slow. Mobility is related to muscle tone and overall health. Physical therapies seek to restore functional capacity.

Staying active is important as you age. Various pieces of equipment can also be obtained to help, from stretch bands to encourage flexibility to a foam ball to help build strength in the arms and hands. Many people also use technology to monitor and track their progress and health, such as step counters and heart rate monitors.

Personalised program to help you feel stronger

Your physical therapist will assess your physical function and watch how you move around and carry out activities. Manual techniques can enhance functional abilities and improve mobility overall. A physical therapist will help you:

  • reduce joint stiffness

  • enhance muscle strength through strength training

  • improved well being

  • reduction in pain

Your physical therapist will monitor your progress and adapt your activities and exercises as you progress.

Exercises to help with balance and prevent falls

The risk of falls increases with age and the implications of a fall can be serious. Broken bones can lead to a period of hospitalisation which can cause a further decline in health.

Physical therapeutic exercises can help individuals gain confidence and build up muscle strength to overcome identified weaknesses. Core strength training works various groups of muscles, improving the mechanics of the muscles in the body.

Following this type of therapy, many people also notice an improvement in posture and ability to undertake light household duties and chores. Pain on carrying out certain tasks can be reduced or eliminated, for example, standing at the sink washing dishes.

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Related questions

Physical therapy has many benefits for older people and unique challenges. Particular benefits of physical therapy for seniors include:

  • improved mobility and independence

  • promoting neuromuscular re education to help you regain capabilities you have lost

  • being more active and involved in the local community

Home modifications can enable greater mobility at home, which in turn opens up access to the community.

Several types of health professional can be considered within the broader category of physical therapists, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists and falls prevention advisors. Therapists focus on enabling individuals to move with comfort, confidence and ease.

These professionals will conduct a mobility assessment and suggest tailored exercises to benefit the individual. They may consider your medical history and do a physical examination as well.

Physical therapy can be a good preventative and proactive strategy for health, but is also especially beneficial following an injury or when mobility has been temporarily limited.

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