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Discover an array of engaging day programs tailored to match your interests and hobbies.

Fishing – Fishermen's

Fishing – Fishermen's Fun Day Out

Experience inclusive angling adventures tailored to diverse abilities. Enjoy fishing in a supportive environment with expert guidance. Embrace nature, make memories, and forge friendships. Cast your worries aside and reel in excitement with us!

Respite Care

Art & Paint Classes – Brush & Bliss Day

Experience creativity and cuisine at our Brush & Bliss Day Program! Unleash artistic talents while indulging in a delicious spread. Skilled instructors guide you through various arts, and a curated culinary menu enhances your sensory journey. Join us for a day of artistry and tasteful delight!

Exercise Classes Led by Experienced Trainers

Exercise Classes - Sweat & Smile

Join our Sweat and Smile Day Program! Transform your lifestyle with tailored workouts for all abilities. Led by experienced trainers, it’s more than exercise – it’s holistic wellness. Get personalized tips for nutrition, mobility, and mental well-being. Let’s build strength and support each other toward a healthier life!

Games Night

Game Mania (Video games, Cards, Board games, Trivia night) Join our Game Mania Night Program! Enjoy inclusive entertainment for all. From video games to board games, cards and trivia, there’s something for everyone. Connect with fellow participants and savour delicious snacks. It’s a night of fun, camaraderie, and thrilling gaming in an inclusive atmosphere. Come for laughter, competition, and tasty treats!

Dance Classes – Groove and Move!

Celebrate movement and self­-expression for all abilities. Led by experienced instructors, our inclusive classes embrace various dance styles, fostering physical strength, coordination, confidence, and social connections. Come groove with us and discover the rhythm of possibility at our Dance Class!

Cooking Classes – Flavour Fusion (coming soon)

Ready, set get cooking, as our Nursed chefs are turning the heat up – in the oven. We are currently cooking up new classes that are sure to excite your taste buds. Register your interest and we will keep you informed of the details.

Pilates – Power Hour!

Led by experienced instructors, our holistic pilates sessions focus on flexibility, strength, and well-being in a supportive, inclusive environment. Experience improved mobility, posture, and empowerment on this transformative journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some plans have allowances for day programs and activites. Contact us and our friendly staff will assist you with this. Alternatively we can liaise with your Support Coordinator to ensure you are covered.

Most of our day programs are Sydney Metro based. We offer transport to those that need assistance to attend.

Yes! We will liaise with you to ensure we are able to pick you up and drop you off back home safe and sound.

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Our friendly staff are eager to help you live your best life. Whether you need new accommodation, supports, home modifications or simply want to join our day programs we’ll ensure you’re looked after. 

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