What are short term care accommodation options?

Short-term residential care services are a range of time-limited services that are available to people living independently or with carers. They are aimed at supporting people leaving hospital, addressing emerging issues in maintaining independence and providing carers with respite.

In this article we look at short term residential care service options, how and when they might work for you and funding and access for both NDIS and My Aged Care.

At Nursed Care we understand that sometimes you really need to chat with a professional. Contact our team and we will be happy to discuss short-term residential care options and any other service needs.

Short term accommodation options

Using a short term residential support service is a fantastic way to receive short term post hospital support, redevelop daily life skills or to enable your primary carer to take a short break.

Short term residential care services are a group of accommodation based, or live in services that offer you specific and tailored support for a determined period.

Take a break from your usual home and access new support

Support delivered through short term residential services builds on the services you already receive through in-home care. The staff understand that you already have skills or assistance at home and are able to look after the everyday tasks.

Short term residential care provides you with targeted and specific support to help you get back on your feet after a hospital stay or if your physical or mental health are starting to become a barrier to everyday living. It can enable your usual support network to take a break or attend to personal matters.

No matter the reason or the types of services you access, you will be back home in no time.

What options are available?

There are three types of short-term residential care, residential respite care, short term transition care and short term restorative care.

Residential Respite Care

Respite care provides short-term care for people while their regular carer is unavailable or absent. This enables your carer to take a break or tend to personal matters, but still ensures you receive the care you need.

Respite care can be for a few hours, a regular day each week, a one off short stay or in an emergency.

I know about emergency respite care, are there other respite care services?

Depending on the situation respite care can continue in your home or in the community. Centre based care is available a few hours which means you come home at the end of the day. Cottage respite provides respite overnight or several days at a time including over a weekend, while longer periods are offered through aged care facilities.

Nursed Care provides a variety of respite care options, find out more.

Short term transition care

Transition care is available to people leaving hospital. After some time as a patient, you may not be physically or mentally ready to return straight to independent living. Transitional care is a stepping stone to get you back on your feet.

What types of care are available, what if i have had surgery?

Transition care includes therapeutic, clinical and personal care.

Therapeutic services includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and help to regain mobility and function. Clinical care can provide assistance with wound care, medication, dementia and mental health care and other clinical issues. Personal care will assist with the daily living tasks such as bathing, personal hygiene, eating and diet and dressing.

Short term restorative care

Short-term restorative care provides you with residential care services for a short period of time to stop or slow down the impact physical or mental deterioration may be having on your daily living life skills and ultimately your independence.

Short-term restorative care can lead to you living independently for longer through new skills, support or services.

How does restorative care work?

Short term restorative care services can offer programs of up to 8 weeks and is tailored to the individual and their changing needs. You will work with a team to assess your current skills and abilities and understand the key areas of concern.

Health professionals will work with you understand the tasks or skills you may be finding difficult. They will then identify new skills, equipment, services or supports and assist you to try out some possible solutions.

They may look at home adhjustments or equipment, additional supports such as physio or counselling or assistance with meal preparation or transport. You will leave with a plan for home, one that you have tested yourself.

Is there Government funding for short term accommodation?

Short term care services are funded by the commonwealth government through both the NDIS and My Aged Care. This means you may be able to access fully funded or subsidised services.

Can i access funded or subsidised services?

The way in which you access short term care services will depend on whether you are an NDIS participant or receive support through My Aged Care.

The type and amount of funding and the support services and plans you have in place can also impact your access.

My Aged Care

My Aged Care recipients need to meet certain criteria. Use the My Aged Care eligibility checker or speak with one of our team members at Nursed Care to work out if you are eligible for an assessment.

If you are eligible you need to book an in home assessment. The independent assessor will review your situation and requirements and determine if short term care is right for you.

Our team can explain the process and help you through the assessment so you can focus on the services you need.


NDIS participants can access short term accommodation services as part of an NDIS Plan. Service providers can offer residential respite care or programs for participants to develop new skills.

To be eligible your NDIS plan would need to include a relevant goal with sufficient funding available.

Our team at Nursed Care can explain the types of services you can access and the best funding options for you.

Nursed Care helping you maintain your independence

Whatever reason you have for considering short term residential options Nursed Care can help. We know that independence is vitally important to you, let us help you maintain it by finding you the right services at the right time and location.

Contact us today and find out how short term residential care can make a big difference in your life.

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