Developmental Life Skills, the Key to Independent Living

Living your best life is easy to do if you have the right skills and services. Life or daily living skills, are tools that enable humans to exist with independence.


Skills Used Daily

Daily living skills assist you to do the important jobs around the house and community each day. Things like keeping your home tidy, eating well and buying fresh food, self care and personal hygiene.

It also includes the training to develop friendships and participate actively in the community. All these help you achieve independence.

Life Skills can Present Challenges

Developing and using life skills can be challenging for anyone. For people living with a disability, there can be further challenges. Training may need to be modified, extended, and the task itself may need to be altered to meet accessibility standards.

Luckily it’s never too late to learn something new.

Development Activities Boosting Your Confidence

At Nursed our training builds the skills you need while building confidence in using them. Our services work with each person to grow their understanding of their existing and unique skills and use these to develop the new skills needed for.

Your Goals are Our Goals

We take the time to find out what you think is important so we can provide the support, connect you to services and pick out the most useful resources for you. These supports mean your learning continues after your time with us, giving you the ability to deal effectively with the development of daily living and life.

Skills for Life

Life skills focuses on training that improves the ability to live independently and to be an active participant in community activities. This means its about how you want to live your best life.

We use different personal development support and services depending on what is of most importance to you and your family. This could include introducing you to new household chores or daily tasks, helping you to master skills you already have and working on communication and relationship skills.

Everyday Skills

We will develop your everyday skills so you can confidently complete tasks and chores on your own. This could include:

  • Personal care and personal hygiene

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cleaning and Laundry

  • Using public transport independently

Our services will work at home and at your pace.

Running Your Home

Running a household can be a lot of work, especially to manage some of the more complicated tasks. Once you’re ready we can help you learn to:

  • Managing your money and bank accounts

  • Setting a budget

  • Pay bills

  • Problem solving

Skills to Participate in the Community

Social skills allow us to engage with people and our communities. No matter what the activity is, meeting new people and taking part in your community and group activities should be an important and fun part of your life. This is also where skills like using public transport independently come in handy.

Improving communication skills will help you with conversations, participate in local events and build and maintain relationships with people you meet.

Your Toolkit for Independent Living

Our Developmental life skill training will give you the skill, knowledge and support needed for everyday life.

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