The importance of personalised care plans

Setting up personalised care takes some effort by the various care professionals, but there are definite benefits of personalised care for older people, people with disabilities and those with long term health conditions. There are many positive outcomes of personalised care, including a more holistic response to a person’s support needs and care coordination. In this article we define personalised care and outline this whole system approach.

What is personalised care?

Personalised care is a term used to explain care services and supports that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of a person receiving care.

For many years in Australia, and other western countries, services for older people and people with disability were quite rigid. There were only certain types of services available, and they were typically delivered in a certain way and under certain criteria. Public health trends have now personalised care and support options, because it is recognised that person centered care and personalised care planning lead to better outcomes.

Personalised care services are based on what matters to a person, rather than what a care provider is offering. Personalised care represents a change in support options and a move towards more tailored support where the person is an active participant in care planning

What are personalised care plans?

Personalised care plans are unique to the individual and the individual’s specific needs. A personalised care plan is developed with a lot of input by the person, as they are given opportunity to participate in decision making about what services they will receive.

A personalised care plan may also outline what the person can do for themselves. It includes any individual strengths they would like to build on, and personal goals they would like to achieve. A personalised care plan is based on the positives in a person’s life, as well detailing where some help is needed.

What is whole person care and support planning?

This new way of thinking about care in a holistic way can help people to feel empowered, and connected within their community. Personalised care planning takes into all of the needs of a person, including

  • physical health requirements

  • medical needs

  • social preferences

  • emotional and mental health beliefs

  • culture

Improving health outcomes through your care

It can help to think about a personalised care plan in the same way you would think about a medication plan. A medication plan outlines exactly what medications you need to achieve good physical health and well being. A personalised medication plan is developed with an understanding about how each of the medications might impact each other and effect how you are feeling. A medication plan is written around your needs, your desired health outcomes what works best for you.

In the same way, the services outlined on a personalised care plan are not isolated from each other. Each one is created with an overall understanding about the desired outcome.

What are the benefits of personalised care?

There are many benefits of personalised care. A personalised care plan can help address what are often complex and competing needs in a person’s life. Personalised care can:

  • enable a coordinated approach between various providers

  • ensure care professionals have a shared understanding about the needs of the individual

  • build trusting and effective relationships with care providers

  • deliver better wellbeing outcomes

  • improve connections in local communities

  • improve important relationships

Tailoring care services can lead to better health outcomes and improved physical health for individuals receiving care.

Administration and budget management processes

From a financial perspective, it can also be easier to manage and administer a personalised and holistic care plan. That’s because there is one document that clearly outlines what services are required, who will be involved in providing them, and how any costs will be funded or paid for. Personal health budgets can be easily managed and updated should changes need to be made to routine care schedules.

Take control of your own health and care

A personalised care plan is a key strategy for people individuals receiving care. Even people with chronic conditions and long term health conditions can expect to see some benefits and improved outcomes through a person centered care approach. Personalised care takes the stress out of care delivery through consistent and quality services and support.

Involving other people in care planning

Another benefit of personalised care plans is that, should you chose to, you can involve family members and loved ones in your care and support planning. Families and local communities can play a key part in complex social and personal care. A care planning session with important people, carers and professionals can ensure a holistic approach to whole person care.

It can be very useful having a professional there to support you through facilitated conversations with your family and care providers. These discussions help you all be clear about what would make a real difference in your overall well being. Sometimes it can be difficult to speak frankly with the people who mean the most. When you have a support person to organise and support communication in care planning, your individual information needs can be shared respectfully.

Nursed Care for support planning

Welcome to Nursed Care, an experienced community services provider, staffed by a team of trained and accredited professionals. We provide a range of support options, including social care services, personal care, respite, social care and home modifications.

We also help individual patients manage their care services, through both My Aged Care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What to expect with Nursed Care

Individuals receiving care and support with Nursed Care can expect:

  • quality care plans and holistic care coordination

  • to be involved in decision making

  • support staff who will be working closely with patients, their families and primary care service providers, health and care professionals

  • regular systematic review of the care plan and cohesive data collection and recording

We are here to help you achieve your health outcomes and wellbeing goals. We will help you focus on your individual strength and ensure you play a key part in decision making across all areas of your whole life. With Nursed Care you will receive personalised care and support.

Related questions

Personalised care plans are important because they are unique- just like you! Personalised care plans are a useful tool for helping you take responsibility for and be proactive in your own health. Through self management, you can feel more empowered to achieve positive change.

Personalised care will help you achieve better health outcomes, and build understanding among the people who are providing care. Contact us to discuss your individual person centred care plan.

In one recent piece of research it was found that personalised care plans can be challenging to establish and manage, but that there are many benefits for the individual. The research, called Integrating Personalized Care Planning into Primary Care: a Multiple-Case Study of Early Adopting Patient-Centered Medical Homes, was published in 2020.

The research stated that personalised care must go beyond simply asking a patient a detailed series of questions to establish what is perceived to be a person centered care plan. Through research methods including interviews and data collection, the researchers found:

  • that there is a risk that personalised care planning can become tokenistic if not effectively delivered on

  • treatment must be provided in a way that aligns with a person’s goals and priorities

  • personalised care promotes independence, especially for people with mental health concerns and chronic conditions

  • active participation in decision making improves quality of life for individuals receiving care

  • care professionals, providers and family members should also be actively involved in plan development, refinement and updates

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