NDIS Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation (STA) provides NDIS participants access to a short stay away from home. This article explains Short Term Accommodation and outlines how you can access this service. We also provide suggestions for who may be able to help you arrange your short term stay.

What is NDIS Short Term Accommodation?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides money for support for people with disabilities. This funding is used to purchase the disability support services outlined in an NDIS plan.

Short Term Accommodation (STA) is an NDIS funded service which enables you to have a short period at a place other than your usual home. Generally funding for STA can be provided for up to 14 days at a time, for a maximum of 28 days per year.

Your STA funds will cover your support needs while you stay, including:

  • accommodation

  • agreed activities

  • food

  • personal care

Benefits of STA

There are many benefits in accessing STA services. When you stay in Short Term Accommodation, you will have the chance to meet new people and get a change of scenery. A Short Term Accommodation stay is often enjoyable, creating opportunities for you to:

  • make new friends

  • be supported to learn new skills and try skill building activities

  • feel more independent

  • enjoy more activities and pastimes than you would usually be able to

  • pursue different hobbies you haven’t tried before

Short Term Accommodation as respite

Another great benefit of Short Term Accommodation is that it can be used as a form of respite for carers. When an NDIS participant has a stay away from home, their informal supports can have a well earned break. Taking regular time out is good for a carer’s health and wellbeing. Carers can feel confident that their loved one is receiving as much support as they need. More information about Carer wellbeing can be found on the Carers Australia website.

Who can access Short Term Accommodation?

STA services are assess as part of your NDIS plan requirements. Usually, Short Term Accommodation is provided to people who have limitations to their functional capacity and need help with a number of different activities of everyday life.

Asking your Early Childhood Partner or Support Coordinator for STA advice

If you need short term out of home care, but STA is not included on your NDIS plan, then speak to your your NDIS Plan Manager, Partner or Coordinator for advice. They will let you know if your plan can be updated. You are entitled to ask for an update to your plan if your situation and care needs have changed.

Another option they may suggest is using existing Core Support funding for a short term stay away from home. Money allocated for core support can be shifted to fund your accommodation under certain circumstances.

Short Term Accommodation options

There are many different Short Term Accommodation options. There are accommodation facilities in different suburbs and parts of New South Wales. Some STA homes are quite modern, while others are older. STA homes have been equipped with equipment and modifications that make them safe and comfortable for visitors.

Emergency Short Term Accommodation

Unfortunately, sometimes, crises and emergencies can occur. Your carer, informal supports or someone else within your usual support network may become injured or unwell, or your relationship may change, and you may feel unsafe at home.

STA funding is usually planned in advance, but there are options if you need emergency supports put into place. If an emergency or crisis does happen, contact your Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Partner or Planner for more emergency assistance.

Nursed Care for Short Term Accommodation

Welcome to Nursed Care, an accredited NDIS service provider. Among the varied NDIS supports we deliver, we manage several Short Term Accommodation (STA) homes.

At Nursed Care we take pride in disability support delivered your way. We take the time to meet you, understand your needs and ensure supports and services are provided in line with your preferences. We want to understand your goals and help you pursue your priorities.

Visit our website to browse the available homes.

Related questions

Funding for a stay at an MTA dwelling is covered by the NDIS, although a participant may be asked to contribute to the costs. The amount you can expect to pay for housing will be outlined on your completed NDIS plan. The plan will include a breakdown of costs and expenses.

MTA properties are located all around Sydney. It is understandable if you are looking for MTA properties in only a certain area. For example, you might need your MTA to be located close to family, the hospital or community centre or facility. Use the search tool on our website to look for a vacancy that meets your unique needs.

In some cases, where there have been delays or issues related to you long term home or your moving date has changed, then you me be granted an extension to the 90 day MTA stay. If you need to request an extension, speak to your NDIS Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator or Early Childhood Partner. It’s best to provide reasonable notice when you make your request for an extension.

The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) is a federal program in Australia that provides home and living supports to people with disabilities, who are aged under 65 years. Older people who are waiting to move into a nursing home or aged care facility are not eligible to access MTA funding.

However, older people can often access a range of alternative assistance and home and living supports through the My Aged Care scheme. This is a funded scheme for older people in Australia.

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