Community and Social Participation

Providing personal care to encourage and empower participant’s to independently engage in community and social activities such as travel, shopping for groceries, travelling to medical appointments and other day to day activities.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Community Goals

Nursed Social and Community Participation Services are designed to help you achieve your goals and turn your aspirations into reality. We understand that everyone has unique interests and preferences, which is why we take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to create a personalised plan.
Our services offer a wide range of activities, such as learning how to use public transportation, joining social clubs, attending courses at TAFE, or attending events. We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, helping you to live your life to the fullest and connect with your community.

We are committed to helping you participate in your community and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Our Social and Community Participation Services are designed to support you in achieving your goals, whether it’s to join a social club, attend community events, learn new skills or access public transport. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be an active member of their community, and we’re here to help make that a reality for you.

We Will Encourage And Assist You To:

Connect with Like-Minded Souls
Socialise with people who share your interests and passions
Cultivate Meaningful Relationships
Connect with your community through social clubs, volunteering, and events. We’ll help you build meaningful relationships, boosting confidence and belonging for a more fulfilling life
Empower Your Potential
We can support you in developing new skills, increasing your capacity building supports, and boosting your confidence.
Boost your social skills and community involvement with our tailored Social and Community Participation Services. We’re here to help you creatively meet your unique goals with innovative, fun solutions. Dive into engaging activities and personal development classes designed to enhance social interaction and emotional growth. Experience excellence with our comprehensive support for a fulfilling community experience.
Some of the social and community activities we offer are:

“We encourage all our participants to explore wider interests as we have found community participation increased social skills and has allowed them to develop a strong lifelong bond with their social groups” – Nursed Support worker

Our support workers are able and willing to provide support and assistance with social community participation activities. We encourage our participants to engage in either a group activity or recreational activity, this encourages the individual to build skills in multiple different areas.

Social And Community Activities

At NURSED, we’re more than just core support. Dive into our social and community participation groups to flourish in your community. We provide tailored tools for building lasting relationships and boosting your social involvement. Get ready for a richer, more integrated community experience!
We always do our best to go above and beyond wherever we can. Our Staff are able and willing to:

We offer you and your support worker a variety of capacity-building supports, including outdoor activities and social groups. Don’t worry if you’re missing community participation funding; our team can review your NDIS plan and guide you through the application process for the funding you need.

Boost Your Social Skills with Personalized Support

Our team will sit down with you, outline the goals and milestones you and your support team want to achieve, create a plan of action in line with your therapists and be by your side every step of the way. We will develop activities that suit your needs, and help you develop your abilities.

Some of the NDIS community and social activities we offer are:
This social and community participation service is aimed to provide individual support for those with serious health issues, high support and your support needs. If you have one or more of the following disabilities, our ‘away from home’ and ‘in your own home’ respite services are readily available to cater to you. If your disability is not listed below, we will happily tailor a program to cater for your support needs: impairment

Frequently Asked Question

Contact us and one of our friendly staff members will go through your NDIS plan and provide assistance with social and community participation funding.

Yes! We welcome all who play a role in assisting with your healthcare and well-being! We actually encourage everyone to participate in some of the activities we offer as we believe in ‘Walking the walk’.

We have support workers & Coordinators from all different cultures and backgrounds to ensure you are comfortable with the person assisting you! If you have any specific requirements please let us know and we will go above and beyond to ensure we find someone best suited to your needs!

Here at Nursed, we pride ourselves in striving to accommodate for all! We offer numerous activities such as: Outdoor cinemas, museums, a weekend away on a lakeside campsite and Day trips in our fully equipped transport van to name a few! We ensure that there are all required medical and support staff present at all times to provide any medical care, and provide assistance with social and community participation activities!

There are numerous benefits that come with attending these programs. Participants are encouraged to attempt integrating into a social setting. This not only assists in the development of long-lasting and meaningful relationships, it provides an opportunity to have conversations of depth and substance about topics they are passionate about with like-minded individuals! We also encourage anyone who is on your treatment team to attend and provide assistance with social activities as this has shown to develop a positive connection with the participant.

Connect with Us

Our friendly staff are eager to help you live your best life. Whether you need new accommodation, supports, home modifications or simply want to join our day programs we’ll ensure you’re looked after. 

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Community and social participation

Getting out and about and sharing experiences with others is an important part of life. The NDIS and My Aged Care schemes can provide funding to increase your social and community participation.

Read on to learn more about the types of community social and recreational activities you can access. Discover how you can enjoy increased social and community participation with the assistance of a Nursed Care support worker or peer support worker.

Funding support for community activities

Connecting with people with shared interests and hobbies can bring great joy and satisfaction. As things change, older people and people with disability may find they would like to make new friends or get out more.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and My Aged Care scheme provide eligible people with core support and community participation funding to increase their social activity.

The importance of connections

Social connections enhance our happiness and security and can help us feel a sense of purpose.

Becoming more active in the community and joining in with social and community activities can help you feel more positive and avoid loneliness. Participating in a group and sharing similar activities can lead to increased social network. Having some support and assistance to join recreational activities is a great way to enhance your skills, gain independence and results in increased social connections.

What is social and community participation?

Social and community participation means different things to different people, but really it refers to any activities that enable you to interact with others and do what you enjoy.

An example might be:
  • Attending a group at a community centre
  • Going to a seniors social group or disability social club meeting
  • Joining in with crafts and arts class
  • Attending community events
  • Playing a game or sport like bingo or lawn bowls
  • Meeting a friend for a coffee at a local cafe, movie or walk
  • Visiting a place of interest like a museum or gallery
  • Volunteering in the community
Your support workers may also be able to arrange for you to participate in camps or trips during which you have a short stay at a respite or community facility.

Benefits of social and community participation

There are many benefits for increasing your involvement and activity in the local community, including:

  • Growing your social network
  • Learning skills that can help you find a job
  • Feeling more connected and included in social life
  • Accessing peer support and sharing experiences with people who have similar interests
  • Increased independence and mobility in the community
  • Finding enjoyment from participating in hobbies, clubs and groups
  • Being involved in recreational activities or learning a new skill

How are social and community participation funded?

If you are an NDIS participant, your NDIS plan will outline your goals around increasing your community participation, implementing capacity building supports and enabling individual skill development.

Typically, NDIS funding for social and community participation or support is taken from the Capacity Building components of your NDIS plan. However, in some cases, the Core Support budget can be used, or you can access resources from more than one support category. Supports and their relevant support category will be outlined in your NDIS plan, to enable the claim reimbursement of your community participation funding.

Social and community support for older people

Older people will find many benefits in increased social participation. Meeting with other people can reduce feelings of social isolation and core loneliness. Having a wider social circle is also good for a person’s health!

Older people often have wonderful skills that can be put to good use in the community. For example, older people can volunteer at places like libraries. Some people create crafts that can be sold to raise money for charity. Many older people enjoy mentoring younger people who have similar interests. There are many different types of roles, and a volunteer role can often be well suited to your skills and interests. Contacting your local council is often a good place to start if you want to establish volunteer arrangements.

Increased social and community connections

Another important part of social and community participation funding is enhancing life skills. This means involving a person in activities that enable them to live more independently. You can use this funding for activities like:

  • support to use public transport
  • attending a cooking class so you can cook with more confidence at home
  • planning vacation activities with a support worker

Nursed Care for social and community participation

Some the activities our clients have used their NDIS funding for include:

  • trying out horse riding sessions
  • attending art classes and craft class
  • assistance taking a course in a financial planning to improve skills in money management
  • joining a board games group and finding a new hobby in playing Dungeons and Dragons
  • personalised sports coaching to be able to join the local netball team
  • life transition planning to prepare for a move
Contact us to discuss how you can best use your core supports and capacity building budgets to lead to increased social and community participation.

Related Questions

There are upper price limits placed on all NDIS funded activities. How much you pay for social support services will vary on the individual support item listed in your plan. Community participation funding can be used in a variety of ways.

While the intent of the Capacity Building supports budget is to enable you to enjoy community life, there are only some components that can be funded.

For example, you may be able to have support people take you to a local café or the movies. The cost of the support worker could be covered, but not the cost of your food, drinks or movie ticket. The NDIS will not generally cover the cost of tuition fees if you want to undertake a course. However, you may receive funding to get to and from the classes and having someone to support you with your study. Your support coordinator can explain which capacity building activities can be funded through your NDIS plan. Always double check your Core Supports entitlement.
There are many ways you can receive support to become more active in the community and increase community participation. Your local area coordinator can connect you with existing disability groups and clubs.

A support worker can take you to social activities or help you practice and build skills in using public transport, to improve your independence. Make sure your NDIS plan includes the kinds of activities you would like to try and the assistance and supports you need to be able to do so. You may prefer to receive mentoring assistance to make new friends and connections. Core Supports assistance is designed to be flexible and suit your needs and preferences.

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